Welcome to the District of Agriculture.
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Agriculture2 from North Fitzroy Primary School on Vimeo.

*This is a highly important message from your Supreme Council*
It is imperative for us to educate the other Districts about the mistakes we made on Earth and how we can learn from our errors.

The Agriculture District will be required to:
· Conduct research and present your findings about what quarantine rules and procedures, will need to be in place to ensure the survival of the flora and fauna you have brought to Aurora56z.
· Conduct research and present your findings about significant sustainable practices that the citizens of Aurora56z can undertake to preserve and protect our flora and fauna and ensure its ultimate survival

. You may wish to:
· Produce reading material, information guides or video lectures in regard to the quarantine, farming and sustainability procedures you have put in place
· Build any facilities that may be required in Minecraft
You may find these website of use

Good luck Agriculture District! The future of Aurora56z depends on you.
*Supreme Council message transcript over*

we recommend that on your farms you have rainwater tanks.
Thank you

Yes recreation we shall take your suggestion into mind when creating our farms.

*RECREATION DISTRICT NEEDS YOUR ATTENTION* there is salt in the soil and we recommend that you make farms on hills and slopes so it is easier to filter the water.
*Incoming transmission from industry district*
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Please fill out this survey. *End Transmission*

An add to look after the environment
*Incoming transmission from city and culture district*
The 5/6B branch of City and Culture has built a recycle plant and if you could dump your
waste at the big stone building with the big green R on top of it that would be great. Thank-you!
*End of transmission*

The Council Representatives are: Cr Esta Pound-Palmieri, Cr Arabella Hope, Cr Matt Lyons, CR Charlie and Cr Gabe Duke.

The Council has determined the responsibilities, long term goals and their priorities.

Areas of integration with other Districts include:

A comprehensive list of supplies to be taken on board the Ark can be found here.

Council members
Tiffiny Argyropoulos
Darcy Greig Sonia Zobel
Finn Blackman
Zoe Antonowicz
Tyler Calvert-Bos
Tara Rogers
Pip Murphy-Hoyle
JANE NOTT!!!!!!!!!
Emine cetin
lucky albert scally
Alannah Fenech
Jessica Pedersen
Esta Pound-Palmieri
Cohan Feary
Maya Tummino
Angus Murphy
Cohan Feary
Molly Blood
Ben Harrington
Elias Gastis
Zoe Mavros
Isaac bolt
Oskar Deutscher
Matt Lyons
Daimian Galbraith