Terraforming Aurora

Finally we have landed on our new planet and are ready to begin terraforming our new home. Remember to learn from the mistakes of the past and also to respect the ideas of your fellow council members.

The I.P. address for the Minecraft Aurora Server is

Minecraft FAQ
Urgent Message From The Ops:
If you are in possession of a command block you must give it to a op or destroy it straight away (only ops may have one)
If a player's name comes up like this: [player] rather than this: <player> it means they are an op, listen to what they say.
Please remove your beacons they are causing mass frame-rate lag. If you really need it for some reason put a sign on it we will only allow for 1 beacon maximum per person. You must have a good reason aswel.

A dd your tips for Minecraft here:

  • Set your spawn by sleeping in a bed at night time (ask an op to make night for you)
  • Look at your coords by pressing fn+f3
  • Take a screenshot with fn+f2 (screenshot will be saved to your minecraft folder ask an op how to find it).
  • Go into full screen with fn+f11
  • Remove your hotbar with fn+f1
Spacebar to jump
W,A,S,D to move around
Tap W 2 times and hold to sprint
Right click to place blocks
Left click to mine blocks
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 to switch item slots
Also use the scrolling wheel on your mouse to switch item slots
E or I to open inventory
Esc to open menu
Creative and Flying controls:
Double tap spacebar to fly
Hold Space to go up
Hold shift to go down
Double tap spacebar again to drop


How do I make a crafting bench? 4 planks in a square.

Are you a minecraft Expert? Sign you name here so that your fellow classmates can learn from you:
Ask me for more answers:

Liam Wardlaw (5/6B)

Eve Quartermaine (5/6A)

Ethan Edge (5/6A)

Mitchell Goerner (5/6B)

Donald Bryce (56A)

Tyler Calvert-Bos (5/6B)

Finnian Duyker (5/6A)

Elias Gastis (5/6B)

Owen Fiek (5/6E)

Seb Judkins (5/6E)

Sam Kunciunas (5/6D)

Finley Cleaver (5/6D

Sam Thomas (5/6B)

Arabella Hope (5/6 B) >.<

Luca Narum 5/6A

Minecraft Meeting 1 Agenda
Kalani – Introduction to Minecraft, what we are doing in Aurora56z?
Liam – How to get on to Minecraft and basic controls
Damian – Creative mode
Ryan – Crafting & Minecraft Wiki
Oskar – Basic rules and general appropriate behavior