Hi I'm Charlie Gill. This is my page. I am part of city and culture and this is my page where I express my opinion on how to entertain, lead and make peace when we get to Aurora 56z. And everyone favourite James Fear.

As issued by the Sumpreme Council, everyone must create an ark, and this is mine.

Screen shot 2012-11-15 at 11.42.02 AM.png

The M43 Zephreder
20 and a half kilometres
15 and a half kilometres
17 and a half kilometres
65 and a half kilometres
Number of passengers:
Metal, Minerals, People
Landing system:
Simply on it's behind.
Materials used for main body:

Materials used for heat shield:

Any other notes:


QUESTION: What problems did we have to deal with on Earth in regard to waste management? And how can we learn from this?

ANSWER: Well, let's face it, waste management is a factor, but not one that is probably not what we at City and Culture are saying is our top priority. We will first deal with how to put a stop to Global Warming, which is the main factor why we left Earth. Me, personally, am not sure what we shall do. We want in force to harsh rules straight away, though, I must admit, we have learnt something.

What alternatives can you suggest?

Alternatives from what we used on earth, not many, to be honest, we, ( The citizens of the Earth ) were starting to become better in waste management, and it also helps that the Aurora 56Z is three times the size of Earth, haha.

How much waste will we produce?

ANSWER: We will obviously try to limit the amount of waste in Aurora 56Z and will get each Prime Minister, or President to address their nation.