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Good evening,
Today I am here to talk about my shuttle the PROMETHEUS, this ship has more than enough space and power to get to Aurora 56z, with the living space equal to a four star hotel, not only will the journey be fast it will also be enjoyable.
Once the PROMETHEUS has served it’s purpose of getting us to Aurora it can also be reused as a new version of the HUBBLE or VOYAGER exploring the galaxy, photographing it with it’s cameras and sending back the information using the the aerials on the wings and main tail.
The PROMETHEUS is named after the greek titan Prometheus who is the benefactor of humans, he saved us many times, so will the shuttle, it will save the human race to by taking us from this dying planet and helping us reach our new home.
The PROMETHEUS enough room to carry 2.5 billion people as well as the extra educational supplies it has also been enlisted to carry. With a length of approx. 6 km, a height of 190 metres, 520 meters from wing to wing and 592,800,000 it can carry everything to Aurora and back!
To protect the ship and it’s precious cargo, my team and I have come up with a fake atmosphere generator, by pumping all the gasses in our atmosphere into a compact sphere we can decrease the heat by 25%!
My passengers are required to wear a special space suit at all times, the outer layer is made from a mix of hard and soft plastics. Next is the high pressure layer, carbon fibre is tightly fitted to the passenger, without any air pressure in space this is the only thing stopping the person from exploding if they were to end up outside the shuttle. Then comes the final layer the plastic coverage of the vital organs, this will protect them from any damage that could occur in space travel.
My ship runs on a sustainable fuel, it’s called Evaporation Thrust Control or ETC for short. Basically there is a mist generator and a vapour generator, when we fire the two at each other we can generate a multi coloured stream that is otherwise known as a rainbow.

Final diary entry... Last day on Earth.

We sit in silence, the only sound is the cars engine humming. Nervousness hangs in the air, with every second we get closer to our new home, our new planet. Up ahead is the massive crowd of cars that people have desserted. We do the same, an hour till take off, and they won't wait for us. We sprint for the rocket, but a huge mass of people blocks our path, we barge through body after body family after family, when I reach the front of the crowd the gates are just being opened the crowd runs forward, eager not to be left behind, a young man has fallen over I want to help him up but I can't, not if I want to live.
Just as the gates are closing I get inside an arch. I look desperately for my family, I catch a glimpse of my mother, but she's not on an arch, she isn't even close. I scream out to her, a tear rolls down my cheek as the doors close.

Things we need to do.

-Build schools
-Build Labs
-Build a space station
-Map the planet
-Discover the flora and fauna

Minecraft report

I have recently discovered a cave system, while exploring it I came across a wonderful discovery... A door, an ancient door. It took my team and I a long time to open it since it had some kind of lock, like nothing we had seen before. Once inside we came to the conclusion that we aren't the only intelligent life form on Aurora56z or at least we aren't the first.

+++++++++Supreme Council Transmission+++++++++++++

The council would like to know what you have been building for education and discovery? Why is it important to have these things?


MInecraft Log

I am/ was working on my underground city which I "discovered". But someone has changed the cave because they thought it was theirs. I was planning on adding a book which told the story of the people who lived in this city... But it appears that now I have to fix the city first. The vault, prayer room and farm have been changed but it shouldn't take me too long to fix. Besides the refurbished vault does look good.
Anyway thanks for listening and as soon as the city is fixed I'll put up some screenshots for you.