Project Dynasty is the future of the agricultural district. Aproximately 400km in length, the Dynasty can definitely transport the plethora of cargo, animals and people that we are taking. It is powered by solid fuel, meaning that the fumes do not have such a high chance of killing our environmental cargo. The fuel can be inserted in several locations, all of which are extremely large and can contain large amounts of fuel. The Dynasty’s Aerodynamic structure allows a smooth transport and the aluminium materials used to create it enable the ship to maintain a nice speed and height. The Dynasty can almost contain Two Billion passengers while still leaving room for animals and supplies. While landing, the Dynasty can easily support it’s load with the help of thrusters and custom-made parachutes. The pilots have an easy view of the universe in front of them with the help of the front screen. Made with glass infused with the same material that is in the ship’s structure, meaning that it has an extremely low chance of breaking. (Extra screens are supplied). In case of emergency, there are several rooms located within it that have a massive amount of oxygen tanks and suits. A force-field can be generated by the ship in case of extreme heat or danger. I have dubbed the ship “Dynasty” because of its massive size and it’s ability to support so much.

- Ben Harrington

Hello. This could possibly be my final diary entry that I'll ever be writing. The Earth is in chaos. It can no longer sustain us anymore and is now retaliating. Our pollution has clogged up the atmosphere and we have made so many mistakes that have caused this to be inevitable. I now have to say goodbye to Earth for we are blasting off to another planet. "Aurora 56Z" should be able to support us. We will make different decisions and make it work. But for now, goodbye Earth.

1: We have been constructing a farm and a barn for animals. So far, so good, although animals have been escaping into other areas. We have fixed that problem though. The barn is going nicely, a nice building that will easily be able to keep chickens if need be. The point of this is to have animals and barns for storage. We decided to build right near trees for that extra, environmental boost.
2. I have created a plant house, made out of glass, the plant house will provide sunshine for it's contents. We will be watering them ourselves from the purified water that we collect from 5/6D industrial's water dam. The point of this is to have plants and crops for use. Food and water.
3. Isaac and I have been creating an underwter water source. Its purpose is to "water" our plants and farm stuff from underneath.
4. Okay supreme council...
4.1 I said that the trees give the boost, though shade is a good bonus for animals to keep coll.
4.2 I made the plant house with glass so that I can see their progress and so the sun above is amplified.
4.3 The underground water source is for plant growth and animal coolness. We made it underground because both the animals and plants are covered by things.
++++++++++++++++Transmission from Supreme Council+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Ben, please answer the following in further detail:
1. Why does the shade give the farm an "extra environmental boost?"
2. Why does the plant house require to be made out of glass? Glass is very expensive? What is the benefit of this?
3. What is the purpose of your underwater water source? Why not above ground?

My song, an adventure of Banana Man's... In SPACE!


Hey... A video!
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