I was thinking that their could be 3 types of transport, a normal car make bigger wheels upgrade the suspension and put stronger air tite windows, the car will probably a 4 wheel drive or hummer. Next a hover car like one from Avatar the movie which has propellers under neath so it can flot/hover. Last if their is high gravity so it is hard to move we would get the idea of and old paddle steamer boat and do that in the air.

The name of my arc is called the Maxennium Falcon,the volume of my biggest square is 265,901,474.032 . It is made out of Aluminium because that is one of the strongest metals that is also light. In my ship I will carry some tradies, architects and machanics plus some materials for industry to build for every one. I will list the materials bellow:)!!!

Blue stone
Anti fall glass because it is strongest glass.
Building tools
The wood we will bring for building houses, ask agriculture.

Bamboo because it is the fasted growing tree. Ask agriculture.
Sequoia because it is the biggest tree species in the world.
Red wood because 1 of the tallest trees in the world. Ask agriculture.
Baobab tree because it grows big and can survive in hot temperatures.

Tin for the houses roofs.

With those materials we will make factories for people to put shops and businesses to work in. Maybe even houses for poorer people or a homeless shelter. Luca and I have already made a pool factory and are still working on it. We are thinking of other ideas for important factories.