Hello fellow workers!! Here is a list of the things Zoe F. and I thought of to take on board the Ark of

Education and Discovery. A lot of which is on the main page, as well, because they were written in the same time, place and table.

-Materials for schools: stationary, building equipment [industry]

-Books: library books, bookshop books, topic books, work books, fiction, non-fiction, all genres

-Technology: music devices, computers [industry], technological storage devices, electronic entertainment devices, printing machines

-Medical: discovered cures, medical lab equipment, general medication [pain killers, pills, syrups, pre scripted


-Items for museums: historical artefacts, files for the artefact

-Learning centers: language centers, homework clubs, subject clubs [e.g. English, Maths, Science ect.], after school

clubs [e.g. drama, music, art ect.]


This is the ark I have been working on for the past few days.

I called it the E.D. ENIGMA, as enigma is the Latin word for secret or riddle, and, until we understand all there is to know, everything around us is nature's enigma.

Athena's E.D. Enigma.png

51,914,218,752,000m3 [metres cubed]
Number of passengers:
A fifth of the world's population, which is roughly 1,400,000,000 [1.4 billion] people
All sorts of things to do with knowledge:
Books, Stationary, ect. Basically everything on top of my page and more.
Landing system:
Below the rocket are five short boosters which will slowly reduce the amount
of power they use we come into contact with Aurora56z's atmosphere.
Landing wheels will be operated, and if the landing does not go to plan,
there is a large piece of material that will be blown up using the remaining rock

et fuel
to soften the landing.
Materials used for main body:
Steel is the material used for the main body, while the material for the top [which is
kind of like a lookout] is made of Aerogel.
Materials used for heat shield:
Aerogel, as it stops the heat from passing through to the space craft.
Any other notes:
Have a safe trip!!! And try not to panic...

In order to get my length, width and height of E.D. ENIGMA, I clicked on the tape measure icon on the dashboard
of Google Sketchup 8, did all my measurements, converted from inches [the measurement used on the application]
to meters. I then did all my calculations using the computer's calculator. And, viola, you have half your table filled in!

The official plan for the inside of my ark is to split it in half. Half of the steel base is going to carry the cargo, whilst the other half is is used to accommodate the people of this ark. The whole of the upper bit with the aerogel top will be used as a base for the astronomic scientists, complete with an entertainment lounge for others. Most of the living space at the bottom of the ark is filled with bunks for a fifth of the population to get a good night's rest. The top of the ark will also be a meal space, where people can come and go as they please to munch on a bit of food. Main meals -breakfast, lunch and dinner- will be served in groups. The passengers, while still on Earth, will receive a notice or a visit to know what band they are in. They are A, B, C, D and E. The bands will be called up one by one for their daily meals, therefore no crowds in the dining area! Problem solved.

You may be wondering why the ark of education and discovery exists. It's because it has to. Without it, the other

Arks wouldn't exist. In my opinion, we live to learn. To learn, we live. Because all the knowledge we have doesn't just come

from books. It comes from all of us. We can use that knowledge to start over. Begin a new life. And live it.

This is a little saying I found on a picture from Google Images:

Life is an Adventure... Dare it

Life is a Love... Enjoy it

Life is a Tragedy... Face it

Life is a Struggle... Fight it

Life is a promise... Fulfill it

The dice game

One of our assignments in class was to write about a dice game. Below is a link to the instructions on how to play the game.

The link to the story of a person playing the game is to the right of it.

The space suit

This was a class assingment to write about the space suit for the trip to Aurora56z.

The link is below.



One of the biggest problems Education and Discovery will face is the matter of pollution. We cannot make the the same mistakes as we did before on Earth, as, sooner or later, we will have to move planets yet again. A point that will make a big difference is recycling one's rubbish. Making sure the right items go in the right bins, and re-useable items are reused. The last thing we need is Aurora56z to become a landfill. Educating the people of our planet is compulsory to make things more understandable, and for them to know the consequences of our wrong doings. Check out some of the links below to find out how you can help educate others.

Air Pollution

One of the forms pollution comes in is air pollution. The gases it creates can be toxic. Click on the picture below

for more information.


Ocean Pollution

Pollution is all around us. Even an escape to the seaside does not mean we are safe from it. In actual fact, we are closer to it. Which brings us to ocean pollution. A form of pollution that destroys the life in our seas. Click on the picture bellow for more information.


This is the link to my Minecraft log:

Athena's Minecraft Log

In 5/6E, we have been working on Deforestation. We had to make a diagram about it's effects on a piece of paper.

The pictures below are of my work:

This picture is of my explanation of what Deforestation is:

Deforestation 1.JPG

This is a picture of my annotated diagram:

Deforestation 5.JPG

This is a picture of some of the writing that can't be seen from the other pictures:

Deforestation 2.JPG

My Sci Fi Story

During our Mac lab sessions, we have been working on Science Fiction stories. We had to write our own stories using mind maps, and create pieces of music to go with them. This is the piece of music to go with my space voyager, however it can only be played on electronics which have Garage Band installed.

The story is about an evil scientist called Jonathan Derethea, who,on board the space voyager USS Pegasus Dark, is creating a cloning machine to create an army to take over planets and new worlds. He is discovered by Captain Hayton and Lieutenant Cerelia, who discover his machine on the ship's security camera system. They find him, take him to prison- with a big fight, of course- and destroy the cloning machine. But little do they know that the instructions are still there... But that's another story.