Welcome to my Minecraft Log! On this page, you can find out all about what I'm up to, and ideas for fellow workers what to build. My main idea is to build schools [recreation], and lots of them. I was going to build a school somewhere, but it was to far out from the housing areas. So it became a river research center. This is what I'm currently up to. As you can see, there is a large block of land, and a large area of glass. The land is for the above land research, and the glass is going to be a pathway to a lab at the river bed, which is really far down. You can walk through the glass pathway without getting wet. The reason I decided to build this was because I wanted to know more about river life on Aurora56z. We can find out more about what sort of life had already made its home in these parts, as well as discovering minerals which may be unknown to us, coming from Earth. The idea hit me when I heard that the Recreation district was having trouble with salt water. There was no fresh water on our new planet. This was part of my research, as our districts job was to research about our planet.

Screen shot 2012-12-07 at 12.06.29 PM.png
My Minecraft River Research Center


I'm still working on my glass pathway. What I'm aiming to get to next is building a complete glass chamber underneath the patch of land, or in a really deep part of the river bed. I'll have to remove quite a bit of the dirt blocks, and a bit of the forest as well, if I'm going to be building in that direction.


Today I have continued working on my path to the underwater center, but somehow all the water got in. This is the underwater pathway. I've also found a way to get rid of the water! Block up the ends of the bit of the pathway in the water, will it with dirt, and then destroy all the dirt. Problem solved!! Only, how are you going to do that along an area the size of my grass area, and 10 blocks area...

Screen shot 2012-12-12 at 1.57.29 PM.png
The pathway so far


Today, I have been working on building the part of the research center that's on the piece of land. And I practiced spawning animals, focusing on chickens, as I wanted some fish in an aquarium for my above water building. It didn't go to well. I created too many. And made quite a few dents in the land. I fixed that up, and started on building the walls. I have also made an entry from the building to the underwater pathway.


I have officially created a billion dollar research center! I've been working on the above water research center, and I originally started with wood. But then I watched what somebody else was doing with this beautiful blue block, that I found out was diamond! Only I couldn't resist the blueness that it gave off, and it suited the river theme. So I used for the roof, creating a billion dollar research center!


I finished the outside of my research center! Now I don't have to worry about creepers, spiders and zombies taking over my area. Everything is made of diamond, and I've got lots of windows to let light in. I was going for a wooden floor, but we had to pack up...