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The earth is going to be demolished! Nasa just told us that they found a new planet called aurora 56z. Plus it has a
simular oxygen percentage. that is a really important one because we need to breathe so we can survive. I'm going to miss planet earth, it has been so good to me and we gave back in return nothing by destroying it. We will all remember it.

The name of my ark is Called CONJUGA!!!
40 631. 471
Number of passengers:
the number of passengers on this ark is 3/4 of a billion
clothes, food,pets,
Landing system:
rocket opposite position with massive parachute
Materials used for main body:
space suit and clothes
Materials used for heat shield:
special metal used only for this kind of stuff
Any other notes:
it has 80,000,000L of fuel that's enough for the trip

What problems did we have to deal with on Earth in regard to waste management? And how can we learn from this? We have to never do it again then we will stop.

What alternatives can you suggest?
If we can stop polluting Earth we wouldn't of left because it would of still been in good shape. We have tortured thats why it blew up and heaps of hearts were broken.

How much waste will we produce?
On aurora we should limit our waste because then this planet is also going to get damaged and we don't want that to happen to the beautiful Planet.

What sorts of waste do we need to deal with and dispose of?
We have to waste the things that we don't need but then it gets processed in the really big machines

How will we dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly manner?
We can send ships out to throw it out on the other planets.

How can we minimise the effects of waste on Aurora 56z?
We have to stop wasting things because we need to recycle.