Hi, I am Alex from City and Culture. Because we have had to move from Earth to Aurora 56z, we really don't want to make the same mistakes. First, the City and Culture district needs to work out what to do with the human waste and rubbish. Now, part of the reason we had to move was because of litter, pollution and dumps. We didn't know where to put it. We threw it on the streets and killed our planet. I think we shouldn't dump it just anywhere.

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Now obviously, when we get on Aurora 56z, we can't just do the same thing as before, and kill yet another planet. We have to be environmentally friendly and create a population that recycles and lives in houses that are made from sustainable forests and etc. Waste is also a big problem. We don't our costal cities like Docklands now do we? We don't want 50 metre high piles of rubbish. The big question is, what are we going to do with the rubbish? Do we burn it, thus making smoke into the clouds, do we simply, re-kill a planet and leave it there? Or do we recycle everything, and leave food waste to the animals?

There is no turning back. Realistically, we have to bring everything and leave nothing behind. You can't say 'oops! I forgot my teddy' because once the rocket leaves the ground,we can't go back. To get to Aurora 56z we need to have a rocket or Ark to get there. NASA has provided a propulsion machine to hook onto the ark/rocket so we can travel at lightning speed to Aurora 56z. Here is my design of the rocket/ark that we might take to fly to Aurora 56z:
Screen shot 2012-12-07 at 10.11.17 AM.png

My ark is 100 meters in its radius and 200 meters in its diameter. My ark is 900 meters high. NASA's propulsion system machine is located at the bottom of the ark:
Screen shot 2012-12-07 at 10.07.06 AM.png

To get an idea and research Aurora 56z we started to work on Minecraft. It is a game that is a pixilated world and it helped us to imagine what we are going to do on the planet. City and Culture has built a recycle plant. People will dump their waste and the people who work there will recycle the waste. The waste is conveyed on water and collected by people who are working in the plant. If we can not recycle it, we will burn it in to lava. Here is a screen shot of the recycling plant on Minecraft:

If we can recycle it, how do we do it?
Well, if it is something like... wooden planks or something we will get it off the water conveyer belt and we will put it in the large chest outside and people who want to use the stuff can get it out of the chest and we dont have to build as much stuff. This way people can use things others had and use it.

Another thing that we started to build was a apartment block/hotel which people can stay at if they have no home or are travelling. Here the apartment block is on minecraft:
2012-11-30_11.38.51.pngEach room is will be fully equipped with a bed chest lamp and kitchen it will be the best place to stay. As you can see it is a work in progress. It will have dark blue carpet and delightful oak wood walls.

We have nearly finished our hotel now so people can now start living there. Here is one of our room:

The Supreme Council has just told us that our buildings were doing the same thing as before, destroying the planet. So it has come to our responsibility to think of a policy or a way to make Aurora 56z eco-logical and eco-friendly. The districts had a meeting and we decided that we had to do something like for every wood building we plant 10 trees. We also decided that plastic was a big no-no because it never decomposes.At our meeting we discussed and thought and decided that plastic bottles where not going to be sold and only glass or metal or something like that bottles would be made so people can re-use them and you only get one of them. You have to re-fill your own bottle. As for bags people will bring their own bags to supermarkets etc. We have got many more ideas for a eco-friendly planet, but a lot of them are a work in progress. Like burning waste instead of rubbish dumps, but the smoke fumes would get in the air and what if the the fire spread? If you have an idea on how we can destroy or keep rubbish in a environmentally friendly way, please comment below: