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space voyager 4
1000 metres
2000 metres
3000 metres
7 trillion cubic metres
Number of passengers:
1/5 of earths
building materials
Landing system:
shoot out big air bags and crash lands into the sea
Materials used for main body:
strong aluminium
Materials used for heat shield:
Any other notes:

What problems did we have to deal with on Earth in regard to waste management?

The problem with Earth is that we just buried the rubbish destroying the Earth.
And how can we learn from this?
by build recycling plant and with the help of industry we could build waste to energy plant.

What alternatives can you suggest?
We could build a waste to energy station thees systems transfer waste to energy.
How much waste will we produce?
A half leas then what we produce on earth because this time we will look after our new plant aurora56z.

What sorts of waste do we need to deal with and dispose of.
We may have to deal with some new chemicals on aurora56z so we will have test to see if there are other ways

How will we dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly manner?
Recycling it then and with other parts we can use as energy.


This game is designed to play in space.
To start the game of need a piece of paper a pencil and a dice you throw the dice into a no gravity then turn the gravity of and which ever number it lands on is the losing number and the person who guessed that number is the out till the next round you get one point every time you pass.



I turn of the gravity and watch the dice tumble to the ground crossing my fingers ... A two that mean i lo … suddenly my thought were interrupted by the thug I was gambling with.“The money you promised.” he grunted
“are … I … I hid it!”I said.
This is my thought again the truth is i lie about the money don't really have it.
It’s outside i’ll just get it I slip out side and put my blood orange space suit on I called it the terminator 20000 It was the latest space suit I won that in a different game bel I quickly smashed the no gravity button just as one of his men walk out he quickly threw out a pistol and shot three bullets … thanks to my new space suit I was five times fasters and dodged the the bullets like cake I quickly floated around the corner bumping into jerry witch I owned about 20000 dollars.

Aiden's minecraft log

this is a video by Hugo. Enjoy!

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